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About this performance

Beethoven Symphony No.9

Nicholas Bochner

The concert
Educational, insightful and entertaining.

In Ears Wide Open, you are taken on a unique musical journey by host and MSO cellist Nicholas Bochner. Nicholas together with the musicians of the MSO will deconstruct famous classical pieces so that you understand the context, history and story behind these well-known works. You will get into the mind of the composer, will hear the musicians perform what is being explained, and you will dive deeply into the pieces.

The third Ears Wide Open concert for 2020 is Beethoven’s epic Symphony No.9. Composed between 1822–1824, this piece is popularly regarded as one of Beethoven’s greatest compositions, and one of history’s most influential works.

While Beethoven’s inclusion of a chorus and vocal soloists in the final movement of his Symphony No. 9 seems like a sudden departure from the form he had worked his whole life to perfect, many threads and themes in his earlier symphonies had been leading him in this direction. This Ears Wide Open will seek to explore and untangle some of those threads and will particularly focus on the achingly beautiful third movement; the movement that would be his last purely instrumental symphonic piece.

Running time
1 hour, no interval.

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