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Whether you're looking to adopt a musician, donate towards an education appeal, support us on the road, leave a gift in your will or to simply just show how much you care, our Philanthropy team are here to help!

Mso Philanthropy Suzanne Dembo 1200X800

Suzanne Dembo

Philanthropy and External Affairs
(03) 8646 1125

Mso Philanthropy Caroline Buckley 1200X800

Caroline Buckley

Senior Manager
Philanthropy and External Relations
(03) 8646 1129

Mso Philanthropy Keith Clancy 1200X800

Keith Clancy

Donor Liaison
(03) 9929 9609

Mso Philanthropy Rosemary Kellam 1200X800

Rosemary Shaw

Philanthropy Lead – Communications & Campaigns
(03) 8646 1107

Mso Philanthropy Nickie Warton 1200X800

Nickie Warton

Head of Philanthropy
(03) 8646 1551

Mso Philanthropy Team 1200X800

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The MSO relies on your ongoing philanthropic support to sustain our artists, and support access, education, community engagement and more. We invite our supporters to get close to the MSO through a range of special events.

Phone: (03) 8646 1551

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